CO Cookie Nurse Blog

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Thanks for joining me on this cookie journey!

Hi, I’m Debby, the Colorado Cookie Nurse. I have lived in Colorado for 10+ years now. It is a really beautiful state. My husband, K, and I love to camp and enjoy the outdoors. And the weather! We are originally from the midwest where it is hot and humid or cold and humid. WHO KNEW the humidity could be in the teens? Have you ever seen SNOW EVAPORATE? It does when the humidity is 7%! loved doing home nursing visits here because I never got wet!. And I rarely needed a coat. The winter temps in the Denver Metro area are often 40-60 degrees. And, if the sun is out, even the 20’s can feel comfortable -especially in my car.

Why did I start decorating cookies? I wanted to do something that was interesting, that would fill my spare time, and maybe provide a small income. Baking is something I can get excited about! And baking cookies is my favorite. My niece began decorating cookies while home with young children. Becca has really grown in her decorating skills over the past year and inspired me to start. If you live in Conway, Arkansas and need beautiful cookies check out her facebook page,  The Baked Canvas.

Hmmm, decorating cookies requires skills I don’t have. From whence would these skills come? Becca told me about the Sweet Sugarbelle and Baking Sweet Hope websites. I began watching tutorials and following links from site to site. The cookie elite are generous in sharing their knowledge. Look for Sweet Sugarbell, Lila Loa, Montreal Confections (on YouTube), The Flour Box Bakery, Sweet Ambs, Julia Usher, Barefoot Baker, and many others. There are so many tutorials on You Tube – just search cookie decorating. I have searched and searched through these sites and Youtube videos. I have watched many videos (all good) to find a specific bit of information that said, “Ahah! So that’s how you do it.” My goal with this blog is to pull out specific tutorials that demonstrate a specific skill and put them in one place for other newbie decorators. This will hopefully save newbies time on their searching.

Below are my first decorated cookies. The one on the bottom right looks like it has the POX – it was bumpy as well as spotty – it needed a doctor as well as a nurse. It had to go to the intensive care unit!

Please join me on my journey as I continue to delve into decorating techniques and improve my skills. I have researched cookie decorating and watched many, many videos. I will be sharing links to tutorials/ videos that have really helped me learn.

Please join me for my next post on icing consistency. Enjoy your winter icing!